International projects

“Looking for the best of both worlds... .” That is, briefly put, my ideal of international collaboration; of living and working in various countries. Contact with other cultures can enrich you both personally and professionally. I love going to another country, speaking the language as well as following the customs and values of the place.


International collaborations are an important aspect in the work of the architect Corinne Schrauwen. Her profesional and living experience includes The Netherlands, France, Ghana and Italy. Her facility in a number of different languages, coupled with her deep knowledge of several cultures, has always given her a profesional advantage in planning and managing a project.

Corinne Schrauwen met the Italian architect Adolfo Natalini when she lived and worked in Firenze. Since 1992 they have build up a strong collaboration.


Corinne Schrauwen and her office in Amsterdam participate in all projects realised by Natalini Architetti in the Netherlands.


The architecture of Natalini Architetti has been very influencual in the development of Dutch architecture. Corinne Schrauwen assists Adolfo Natalini to realise his projects, making the connection between the Italian architecture and the Dutch building practice.


Corinne Schrauwen assists prominent international retailers with their building and interior projects in the Netherlands.


Services include communication assistance and advice regarding local authorities, compliance with local regulations, management of permit procedures and project realisation in local context.


Clients appreciate the flexibility and the clear and resolute approach. Combined with her communication skills, Corinne Schrauwen is able to realise the velocity required in the retail business within the Dutch practice.






WeConnectYou international projects was founded in 2013 by the Brazilian architect Gyana Bindo and the Dutch architect Corinne Schrauwen.


WeConnectYou specialises in supporting international collaborations in architecture and construction industry related sectors.


Our main business is to assist international clients to operate in local circumstances, building bridges between divers professionals and, foreign languages and most of all unfamiliar cultures.


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