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Architecture is my passion, making spaces in which people can live, work and meet one another. I love building because it is practical, direct and visible. I love collaborating with different partners – from the developer to the brick-layer and from the structural engineer to the electrician - and I appreciate the shared pride of achieving a result together.





Corinne Schrauwen is a Dutch architect (TU Delft, 1989). Her professional and living experience includes The Netherlands, France, Ghana and Italy. In 1994, following 4 years working in Italy (Firenze), Corinne began her own architectural firm in Amsterdam. As the business grew, she became, successively, the owner of Schrauwen Architecten and co-owner of Abken Schrauwen Architecten. Since the start of 2013 Corinne has been working independently as an architect and international project consultant in Amsterdam.


Corinne Schrauwen has broad experience in architectural design and building project management, successfully managing all aspects during the process of design and realization of many (large) building projects. Her proven leadership and entrepreneurial skills were gained from nearly 20 years of managing architectural design offices.


Corinne’s strongest assets are her communication skills, attention to detail and the ability to keep the bigger picture in view, in order to manage project workflows effectively. Her facility in a number of different languages, coupled with her deep knowledge of several cultures, has always given her a professional advantage in planning and managing a project.

Corinne Schrauwen

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